He is the central character to our play-inspired curriculum! The children learn solid, proven technical principles and build strong foundations both on the violin and as whole, well rounded musicians.

Stringosaurus uses a magical combination of play, games, singing and story-telling and dinosaurs to reach our aim.

Storybook 3 Billy Bows Gruff

The Stringosaurus Approach

Stringosaurus has been meticulously designed to be age appropriate, taking into consideration developmental milestones for Early Years children. Research shows the importance of play to enrich a child’s brain, body and life. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) conducted a study which outlined the importance of play. It found that play reduced toxic stress and developed prosocial cognition and executive function in children. Educators are realising that play and inquiry based learning are crucial to the well being of Early Years children.

Having a curriculum that values the ‘whole child’ is vital. Through music we encourage children to develop their creativity and intelligence. Through play and by sparking the child’s imagination, we as teachers are able to form connections with our students which opens up a world of laughter and play where your students can seamlessly learn and be thoroughly engaged. Connection is the magic ingredient which is key to a beautiful learning experience.



Laura started exploring her creative freedom by beginning a musical journey in the West Country, England, at the age of eight years, and since then, she has never turned back from her love for the violin.

Trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, Laura discovered her passion for teaching. She is now based in sunny Perth, Western Australia.

Driven by her curiosity for Early Childhood String Education, Laura loves to recreate music in a bevy of imaginative ways to connect with children, as well as research the most rewarding musical practices and pedagogy. Due to Laura’s extensive work, she is sought after to provide professional development locally and internationally.

Laura initiated her dream project in the form of “Stringosaurus”, a signature musical set of high quality, early years teaching resources that are cherished widely, not only by her students but by violin teachers from across the globe as an online resources hub and community.

In her leisure time, Laura loves to spend time with her two mischievous girls and learns to compose musical archives with her hubby, who still has his audio wizardry skill set, right from his DJ days.

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