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Hi, I’m Laura Carr! 🙂

I have spent the past decade working as a violin teacher around the world creating an imaginative curriculum starring Stringosaurus.  Stringosaurus brings joy to everyone who meets him, so it’s not surprising he is a hit with all 3-8 year olds! Teaching a stringed instrument has never felt more fun or rewarding!

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🦖 Portal of Dreams🦖
Interactive video to aid left-hand and wrist alignment ✨
This play along video has been inspired by my Teachosauri.
They have had the brilliant ideas to turn the alignment of the wrist into an analogy and a song, plus to aid the alignment, to also use left hand pizzicato! (A fabulous idea by Zlata @violinlounge)
I am doing something I haven’t yet done this year… ✨ I’ll be launching this into the Hub EARLY! ✨ It would usually be put in on the 1st of the month, but to celebrate the Hub turning 1, my Teachosauri will have it on ✨this Monday ✨ instead!
The idea behind this song is that by keeping the wrist softly and gently aligned, the children can create an imaginary portal.
Anything they wish for can come through the portal when it’s gently opened.
BUT, if they close the portal, their imaginary world gets sucked back up into the portal. 🙁 If they manage to keep the portal open, (without forcing it), they can set their world free!
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Treasury of Violin and Viola Games


A jam-packed eBook filled to the brim with hilarious and imaginative bow hold, bowing and violin and viola games! 

They’re finally HERE! The violin and viola games you’ve all been waiting for are ready to help you bring your string lessons to life and engage with even your most resistant learners.

Everyone will love playing them!

This extensive treasury is especially for 3-10 year olds and has colourful, imaginative and hilarious pictures for every game.

Included in this beautiful violin and viola games treasury are hand picked gems to help with bow-holds, pedagogy gold posture exercises, games to help with left hand set-up and favourite bowing games.

No more nagging to correct recurring technical issues OR boring explanations where kids lose interest fast and get frustrated.

Now, you’re going to have super string students who adore their lessons and want to explore technical activities on their instrument at home and are more likely going to want to continue learning long-term, because they are having so much fun!

This Treasury was the new resource launched into the Hub on the 1st May, so if you’re already a member, you will have immediate access to this (plus the other 80+ resources). It’s under Teachers’ Starter Kit in Focused Learning, it seemed like a great fit because I use games to help my students focus! 😉

I’m also selling this Treasury to non-members! You can buy it as a one off purchase to use with your own personal students!

I’m so excited for you all to enjoy this. My 9 year old daughter Eva and I worked together on it and it was a really rewarding, rich and special journey.

I hope that I’ve shown her that it’s possible to have goals and dreams and to see them through.


Laura x

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