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  • We’ve collated resources that are pedagogy GOLD! (Disguised as fun games, songs and stories).
  • We value QUALITY… it’s super important to us! So much so that this library will be a living process… We will keep it up to date, regularly adding new resources and constantly thinking about ways we can reach more children.
  • We are big advocates for teaching the whole child and our resources reflect this.
  • These resources are designed especially for you, to make your life that bit easier! Dip in and out in any way which best suits you and your students’ learning or use as a comprehensive curriculum for beginners.
  • When you’ve signed up for a paid membership, you will be invited to join our tight-knit community where you can connect with Laura and like-minded teachers. It will be a safe space where you feel supported and valued.
  • We love the feeling of being organised! We have grouped the resources comprehensively as displayed below:


Why a Resources Hub?

There has never been a better time to have the flexibility of an e-resources hub! Whether you are teaching in person or suddenly thrown into online teaching, these resources will be a life saver!

Have you ever found that you often need to supplement your beginner books with extra materials? Then you end up spending your precious time searching the internet for quality resources and even end up having to write your own supplements!

Or maybe you are bored with using the same resources and teaching ideas over and over again and you’re ready for something fresh?

Stringosaurus is here to save you time and energy. We will be updating our resources on a monthly basis so that the library always remains fresh and exciting so keep checking it regularly!

Who is this for?

Violin teachers, this library was written for you and your beginner students to enjoy together. String teachers, there are oodles and oodles of resources here for you and you can adapt these resources specifically for your instrument. There are even play-along videos and storybooks for children to enjoy at home with their parents.

When to use the hub?

Use all the amazing resources, (visuals, activity sheets, songs, stories and videos) in all your early childhood violin/string lessons!

This hub is the place you come to when you need inspiration and practical ideas that are easy and quick to implement into lessons.

There will be new resources that will be pedagogy gold released every month which you won’t want to miss out on – keep your eyes peeled!

How to use the hub?

These can be used as supplements to other methods or they hold their own as a fantastic beginner curriculum.

  1. Delve into each category systematically, in the order displayed.
  2. Dip in and out of categories to search for the best resources for your students.
  3. Join our online, tight-knit community on Facebook to be the first to hear about our new monthly resources, to share those breakthrough moments, and to ask for support with your teaching. I truly believe, we are better together.

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