Did you know that you can have ALL these teaching materials PLUS an entire life-changing teaching library, as part of the Stringosaurus Resources Hub subscription?

The value is unbelievable. I have a community of teachers from across the globe who are currently implementing all the teaching materials. There are play-along videos, more PDF e-Books, Teachers’ Video Tutorials and printable activity packs. The Stringosaurus Hub could be a stand-alone method or is amazing to supplement your current method. To be honest, it is well worth signing up just to see what is inside and not to mention the community support!

Every month, I make a new resource (like I have done here) to go into the Hub, based on the needs of my teachers. They will often request something they need right now and I love the challenge!!

Hope to see you inside the Hub soon!!

Teachosauri come to the Hub for the resources and STAY for the community!
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Laura x